The Italian Heraldry Society was founded to promote heraldic and historical studies and to further the role of heraldry as a science, to study the interdisciplinary relations, coordinate research and to furnish scholars and amateurs alike with the appropriate means for their studies. The Italian Heraldry Society counts both Italian and foreign members who share an interest for heraldic science and art.

The “ Società Italiana di Studi Araldici ” and has it roots in the former “ Centro Studi Storici Araldici e della Tradizione ” (founded in 1982), itself a transformation of the “ Accademia Araldica ” (founded in 1977).

Since 1977 the Association has organised an annual conference the “Convivio” and, since 1986, has published the proceedings of the papers presented (available copies may be purchased by writing to the Secretary). The Convivio is an essential element of the life of the Italian Heraldry Society and gives members and guests alike a chance to present the fruits of their studies, exchange information and experiences. Among other places, in recent years meetings have been held in Milan , Rome and Acqui Terme.

Italian Heraldry Society offers official bodies and individuals, regardless of whether they are members, various activities and services. These include:

•  An information and documentary service on heraldic, genealogical and historical themes and heraldic research;

•  Assistance at national and foreign conferences, study days;

•  Participation at national and foreign conferences in order to further national heraldic studies;

•  Organising heraldic, genealogical and historical conferences also with other national and foreign associations which share similar interests;

•  The publication of newsletters and pamphlets relative to the activity of the Association and the members' studies;

•  The formation of study boards or commissions to deal with heraldic and genealogical issues.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Italian Heraldry Society should contact the Secretary. Those who would like to join should be presented by a member and then make a written application to the President.


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